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2023-2024 School Year Registration: Enrollment for new families begins March 1st and will continue until all spots are filled. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON OUR WAITLIST YOU WILL NEED TO REAPPLY. Our waitlist will reset March 1st with the start of enrollment season in order to allow all families equal opportunity for our current openings. Class sizes are limited. Please contact the Director at 208-417-1930 for more information.

Tuition and Fees: Text


  • Application Fee: $50.00 submitted along with application form for new students

                   * For families on our waitlist who are reapplying, an additional application fee is NOT required.​

  • Materials fee: the materials fee covers consumable classroom supplies such as paper, art supplies, practical life materials, cooking projects, and replacing and repairing Montessori materials

    • Full Day: $120, due August 1st

    • Half Day: $80, due August 1st

  • Tuition Deposit: The tuition deposit secures your child's spot at PVMS and follows them through their time here, holding their spot year to year.

    • Full Time: $300.00

    • Part Time: $150.00 

             *Due within 14 days of acceptance of enrollment.​

Tuition and Fees: Text

Before and Aftercare

Before Care: Annual $675.00; $75.00/mo

Aftercare: Annual $1350.00; $150.00/mo

Tuition and Fees: Text

Toddler (18mo-3yrs)

5 Day Full Day

  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30 – 3:00 (5 days per week) 

  • Annual Tuition: $6820

  • Monthly Tuition: $682

5 Day Half Day

  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30-11:30

  • Annual Tuition: $4150

  • Monthly Tuition: $415

Tuition and Fees: Text

Primary (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Full Day 

  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30-3:00

  • Annual Tuition: $6050.00

  • Monthly Tuition: $605.00


  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30 – 11:30 (5 days per week)

  • Annual Tuition: $3685.00

  • Monthly: $368.50


  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30 – 11:30 (5 days per week)

  • Annual Tuition: $3685.00

  • Monthly: $368.50

Tuition and Fees: Text


  • Days of Attendance: M-F 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (5 days per week)

  • Annual Tuition: $5940.00

  • Monthly: $594.00

Tuition and Fees: Text


We at Pocatello Valley Montessori are passionate about Montessori Education.  The benefits of Montessori learning go well beyond the Kindergarten year as students progress in age.  We also recognize the commitment and sacrifice that tuition presents to families who want their children to continue on into advanced Montessori elementary classes. 

PVMS is committed to expanding Montessori access to all families.  This helps fulfill the school’s objective to have a diverse student body.  With more bright young minds in a classroom, students and teachers are both better off as a result.​​​

Tailored Tuition is an optional discounted-tuition program for which any family enrolling a student to Pocatello Valley Montessori School in the 1st-3rd grade program can apply. Families concerned about the affordability of tuition at PVMS might consider this program.  

Tailored tuition takes into account many variables affecting a family’s ability to pay tuition, such as income, family size, number of children enrolled at PVMS, and so forth.

Tuition and Fees: Text
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