Are you looking for a fun way to extend the regular school year?  Whether your family is new to Pocatello Valley Montessori or has been a part of the community for years, all are welcome.  Summer program instructors provide an enriching experience that is unique, educational, and fun.  Children work along side the instructors while exploring themes and activities that are exclusive to the summer program.  

The Mixed Age Groupings Continue

Similar to the school year, the summer program celebrates the benefits of mixed age classes.  Children will be groups 1.5-3, 3-5, and 1st-3rd grade.  This allows teachers to create developmentally appropriate activities in response to the different developmental needs of children.  Younger children will be able to learn from older children, and older children will enjoy the chance to be leaders.  

An Emphasis on the Outdoors

Summer provides excellent opportunities to enjoy nature and a variety of outdoor activities.  When children are not working in the classrooms, and often as a compliment to their work, the outdoor environment will be utilized extensively.  Children will explore, play, and learn while enjoying the various spaces available on our campus. Your growing child will have many opportunities to run, jump, swing, and spin through organized games and independent play time.

Safety as a Priority

Summer program teachers are well equipped to take excellent care of your child.  Every instructor is trained in CPR and first aid, as well as school-wide protocol in case of an emergency.

Outings For Older Students

For children in the 3-5  age group, the “Going Out” there may be a few going out activities, but for the school aged students there will be many more field trips.  This ensures continued encouragement of independence and personal growth.  In addition to student-planned experiences, a number of outings will be be planned ahead of time to allow children to explore the local community.  Theater showings,  museum visits, roller skating and exploration of nearby parks are just a few examples. 

*Outing Schedule coming soon...

This is not a Montessori based program, but rather an enriching, and enjoyable summer experience.