Volunteer at Pocatello Valley Montessori School

Family Service Hours

We ask that each family provide service hours during the school year. Full-time families are required to give 20 service hours while part-time families give 10 service hours.

Please record your service hours here.


Volunteer to provide benefits to PVMS
A grandparent volunteers in the classroom.

There are many ways to volunteer at PVMS. The generosity of the time and talents of our parents and community members is a gift that we value at Pocatello Valley Montessori School. Our students bloom when they see their parents sharing unique skills or knowledge in the classrooms. Our students build wonderful relationships with volunteers who work daily with them to hone their reading skills, teach a craft, or share a one-of-a-kind hobby. Teachers rejoice as parents and community members volunteer in the classroom. They help lighten the demands of teaching by taking care of the “little details” so that teachers spend more time teaching. There are many ways to volunteer at the school. Whether it is gathering library books for a theme of study, sharping pencils, or cutting out Montessori card materials, we love our volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Classroom Volunteers are needed to help with things like fun day activities, reading practice, celebrations, sharing special skills, and more. If you are interested in helping in this way, please contact your child’s teacher or the Head of School.

Construction of Montessori materials. Whether it is a bead cabinet, the hierarchical materials, a mat for the 45 lay-out, or any of number of other materials, volunteers can contribute to the school by building or making certain materials.

Fulfill our wish list. At parent request, our teachers have created a wish list of items they would like to round out their classroom: a few books, a wooden Montessori clock, the Montessori pin maps. These are items that extend beyond the core Montessori materials that help the students grasp concepts more readily.

The Parent Teacher Organization has created wonderful annual traditions: Fall Festival, Gingerbread Jubilee, Student Performance Night, End of Year BBQ, and more thanks to the efforts of our parents. These activities bring our school community together, help raise money, and showcase the students’ talents. Contact a PTO Board member to find out how you can serve.

As a non-profit organization, we look to the talents and expertise of our parents to enrich our administrative team. The school’s Board of Trustees seeks the talents of people in banking, finance, education, business, human resource management, fundraising, grants, corporate sponsorships, and other related fields to lend us their expertise.

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